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6 Everyday Objects That Will Entertain Your Kitties For Hours

everyday items kittens love

Cats are super adorable and lovable creatures. They are also very weird and mysterious and find enjoyment in the simplest of objects. Here are a couple of accessible items that can entertain your cat for hours.

1. Cardboard boxes

If you want to give your kitty a whole new world to explore, try throwing a couple of boxes together with some tape. If you have boxes that you don’t plan on ever using again, try cutting some holes into them. Cats love exploring these boxes. Make a kitty fortress for them by stacking and taping boxes together! But, beware, you may never see them again if you make it too crazy.

2. Shoelaces

We have no idea why, but cats love to dive their faces into smelly shoes. Take advantage of this and give them a shoelace to play with! Just slowly drag this around your home and watch your kitty hunt it down like prey. If you have a kitty fortress or any other object a cat can climb on, try dragging the shoelace around that! This is a great way to exercise your kitty and wear them out before bed time.

3. Hair ties

I can’t even properly explain this one or figure out why they like it, but kitties love to pay with hair ties. If you just leave one on the ground for them, they’ll eventually investigate it and start throwing it around using their mouth. In my experienced, used hair ties are always much more fun for them.

4. Paper

Mail time always brings new and exciting things to sit on for kitties. If you get a lot of advertisements and junk mail, just throw it on the ground for your cats. They love to sit paper and plastic and enjoy the crinkling noise that comes from it. For more action, try crumpling the paper up and throwing it for a simple game of fetch (they probably won’t bring it back though).

5. Hide and Seek

This one takes a little more effort, but only requires your body. Sneakily hide behind an object and stare at your cat. After a couple seconds, hide and make very quiet noises. Your cat will eventually get curious as to what you’re doing and seek you out. Try moving around your home a bit to make their search a little more exciting.

6. Bowls

This is probably my favorite. Cats love bowls of all shapes and sizes. Try placing different bowls down on the floor to see which one your cats like the best.

Michael is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, a company that specializes in alarm monitoring. He is the friend of two loving kitties that love random things. He is an expert architect in creating cardboard fortresses.

6 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

foods not to give your dog

It’s really hard not to give your dog table scraps when they are looking at you with those big puppy dog eyes. It’s even harder when they whine and paw at your leg. It’s pretty gross when they start drooling on your pants. But you must resist the urge to feed your dog your food! Especially when it comes to specific human foods. Even though you can eat some food, it doesn’t mean that your dog can handle it the same way. Dog tummies are much different than human tummies. Dog bodies are also much different than human bodies. While too much chocolate just makes us gain weight, even the smallest piece of it can be fatal for a dog. Here are six human foods you should never, ever feed your pup.

1. Don’t feed your pup any chocolate

Chocolate can cause major damage to your dog’s tummy. Vomiting and diarrhea have been known to occur, or even worse, your dog could die from even the smallest bit of chocolate. Just like chocolate isn’t good for your weight, it isn’t good for your dog either. Keep it out of the house to keep you both healthy!

2. Never give your dog a lick of alcohol

Never, under any circumstances, give your dog any alcohol. While too much alcohol isn’t good for humans, even an pinch of that amount can kill a dog. Their bodies are much smaller and therefore they are less able to digest alcohol the way humans can. Don’t get your dog drunk off of your beer. It might result in a fatal accident.

3. Don’t let your puppy drink or eat anything with caffeine

Just like alcohol, caffeine can kill dogs. Make sure you don’t give your dog anything with caffeine. This includes sodas, coffee, tea, painkillers, and anything else that has caffeine as an ingredient. Keep your dog alive with only water in his bowl!

4. Never toss the peach pits and apple cores to your furry friend

Both of these are terrible for doggie bellies! They can cause inflammation of the small intestine. Get this, the seeds in apples contain one of the same ingredients found in rat poison. Ick! Protect your puppy and don’t ever feed him or her apple cores or peach pits!

5. Keep the cookies, cakes, and anything else with sugar out of your dog’s reach

Just like sugar is bad for humans, it is equally bad for dogs. It can cause cavities, obesity, and even dog diabetes. Don’t give your dog anything with sugar, no matter how much they beg for it!

6. Don’t feed your pup grapes or raisins

Grapes and raisins are actually quite fatal to dogs. While there is really no known cause for why this happens, it is a proven fact that raisins and grapes do contain ingredients that can end up killing your pup. Don’t take the risk. Eliminate grapes and raisins from your dog’s diet. Protect your puppy and stop feeding him or her unsafe human food to make sure they live a long and healthy life.

About the author: Carly is a blogger for Smith security, a provider of Dallas home security systems.

Nap time

nap time

Sorry guys! I had a minor “nap time”. Hope you had plenty of other reasons to smile when I was gone!:)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

dog with a rose in his mouth


Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear friends!:) Thank you all for being here for these cute pictures, thank you for the chance to make you smile!:)


kitten in a bowl


Little mess-maker:D

Baby otter and a pink duck

otter and duck


“Just one more inch, one more….”

Mini Piggy

mini piggy

OMG! WANT this cute little mini piggy! SO CUTE!

Big cats


HOW CUTE IS THAT??!!!? Love those big cats. Wish I could have one cuddling with me on my couch.. eating all the bad people:D

Cute river otter!

baby seal

Baby river otter:) Love these cute animals!

Cute baby panda

baby panda

So cute baby panda! And look how small it is!!!:)